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The Best For Your Members

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Universal Rx Benefits


Since its inception in 1995, Universal Rx is a leading national provider of managed prescription benefit programs. Our commitment to gold-standard client service and our reputation for above-average prescription drug savings shows in our clients’ success.

We take a unique and innovative approach to client account management. We offer customized and tailored solutions that have been designed to help our clients achieve their objectives for the benefits offered to their members.


Rx Savings

At Universal Rx, we are dedicated to saving our clients both time and money. Clients often find that the affordable nature of our prescription drug programs represent a high-value benefit to members at a relatively minor cost to the company.

Additionally, the Universal Rx managed prescription benefit plan has reduced annual health care costs for our clients.

Expatriate Prescription Services


People who have permanently relocated overseas, as well as those who are temporarily living overseas for work, are faced with several barriers when it comes to obtaining the prescription drugs that were prescribed to them stateside. Examples of these obstacles include inefficient order processing, unreliable delivery, shipping fees, and more.

Our program, EPS, was designed to solve each of these challenges with very little “heavy lifting” by the physician or patient. We offer concierge-style support to expatriates living in over 160 countries around the world.


EPS Employer Savings

In order to compete for and retain today’s top talent, businesses are challenged with providing superior benefits to their current and future employees. Your participation in Expatriate Prescription Services is an excellent way to show your employees that you are invested in their total wellness, even when they are outside of the country!

If you have employees who work overseas, either permanently or temporarily, contact us to learn how our innovative, international prescription drug program can improve the lives of your valued team members.

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Rx Discount Program


The health of our clients and program members is important to us and we want to make access to necessary prescription medications easier for everyone. That, of course, is directly affected by the affordability of medications and the ease with which they can be obtained.

When members use the Universal Rx prescription discount program, Points of Care, they can save up to 60% on regular retail pharmacy prices. Moreover, the program is extremely easy to use. Members simply need to present their prescription discount card to the nearest participating pharmacy – we’ve already taken care of the rest!


Rx Discount Savings

Since our prescription discount program was started, it has saved members hundreds of millions of dollars in prescription drug costs from participating pharmacies across the United States. Using our Points of Care discount program, participants typically save an average of 20-40% and some drugs allow up to 60% savings off of regular retail pharmacy costs.

Moreover, members can take advantage of the same savings on products such as diabetes supplies, mail-order prescriptions, and related services.

Our Benefit Specialist Team

When you work with our Benefit Specialist Team, you are working directly with the skilled individuals who set up and manage your plan.

Our team provides first hand knowledge to you and your members. Our expertise gives members a simple process with fast and reliable service.

Cost Containment Solutions

It's about how you manage all aspects of the plan that helps save on plan costs. Our expertise has helped identify major factors that increase costs for healthcare plans, allowing us to focus on solutions that actually make a difference.

Preferred Rx Program

Our program identifies plan members who are using high-cost prescription drugs and reaches out to both patient and plan provider to offer a more affordable alternative when one is available.

Step Therapy Solutions

Step therapy is a formulary management tool that encourages the use of safe and cost-effective medications in place of high-cost brand medications.

Prior Authorization Process

The evidence-based prior authorization review program optimizes patient outcomes by ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate medications while reducing waste, error, and unnecessary prescription drug use and cost.

Analytical Reporting Packages

We consistently evaluate ongoing plan performance in order to ensure above-average cost savings for clients. We offer monthly and quarterly distribution of reporting packages in order to assist you in making the most informed decisions possible.

- Creating healthy prescription plans for happy members.

Universal Rx

Worldwide Benefit Management

Our domestic and international prescription delivery programs are available throughout the United States and in over 160 countries around the world. Stateside members have access to over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide and direct access to a dedicated Pharmacy Benefits Manager.

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International Rx Benefits

Thanks to our program, Expatriate Prescription Services (EPS), people who are living or working overseas no longer face this barrier to optimal health. For expatriates, there is no better choice than our integrated Prescription Benefits Management Program, which is the only one of its kind.


Discount Savings Program

Through our discount program, members pay a fraction of the cost for prescription drugs. On average, members save between 20% and 40% off regular retail prices at over 55,000 chain and independent pharmacy locations.