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Expatriate Prescription Services is designed to provide expatriates convenient access to high quality, low cost prescription drugs using an efficient and reliable delivery system to over 160 countries worldwide.

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EPS has a licensed pharmacy staff with over 40 years of experience and a proven track record of working with customs to eliminate delivery delays. The EPS Staff is well trained and dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information ensuring your prescription needs are met and orders are shipped promptly with minimal customs delays.

Expatriates often find themselves unable to obtain the prescription drugs they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The EPS program reaches out to these individuals by providing prescription drug delivery right to your door. The fastest and most direct shipping routes are utilized to expedite the delivery process.

EPS will provide exceptional convenience and savings on most prescriptions to you and your family members. Substantial savings on prescription drugs is an immediate benefit of becoming an EPS participant. The EPS program has special pharmacy contracting that allows us the advantage of providing program participants deeply discounted prices on prescription drugs.

Our customer service experts are well trained and dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information to our members. The EPS Staff offers each program participant their commitment to providing one-on-one personal attention and superior customer service. No hassle with automated systems!

The EPS Program has formed a strong relationship with our pharmacy vendors. Although the costs of the prescription drugs available through the EPS program are deeply discounted, the quality remains the same. Rest assured your medications will be packaged securely for safe travel.

Participants and their family members are assigned to an EPS representative who will oversee all participation, place your initial and ongoing orders and will be readily available to assist personally with any questions.

The EPS Pharmacy vendors have experience in delivering prescription drugs to more than 160 countries worldwide. The EPS program uses several safe and reliable delivery carriers and your order can be tracked online. Fastest and most direct shipping routes utilized; Overnight Priority Shipping available to some countries.


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